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Buy Twitter followers

often gets a bad rap since some people judge it as a deceptive practice. But is
it really‘?

To determine whether or not the practice is acceptable, let’s start by taking a look at the nature of
the social phenomenon that is Twitter.
What Twitter ls and Has Become
In July 2006, Jack Dorsey launched Twitter, a free online social networking service that allows users to publish
tweets, follow users, and as a result, read tweets from the accounts they follow. Today, it’s one of the most
visited sites in the world with more than 500 million users posting more than 340 million tweets each day, the
online world dubbing it as the SMS of the Internet.

With the popularity of any online service, even free ones, is always born an industry where people and
companies are willing to shell out money to be heard. On Twitter, for instance, it’s a poorly kept secret that
celebrities who have huge Twitter followings accept tweeting money from marketers for the celebrity to
endorse products and events, even sometimes asking that particular other Twitter accounts be followed. Of
course, the higher the number of followers, the more tweeting money can be demanded.

ls Buying Cheap Twitter Followers Acceptable’?

To make a judgment on the practice of buying cheap Twitter followers, we first have to decide whether or not
accepting tweeting money is a fair practice. You’ll understand later why the two go hand in hand.
If we really think about it, accepting tweeting money is no different from endorsement deals on any platform,
such as television and radio.

Celebrities are paid to endorse products in commercials, and most everyone finds the practice to be acceptable. In the same way, media outlets are also paid to air commercials, and
again, the public doesn’t seem to have a problem with the practice.
It can therefore be concluded that if the very acts of celebrities being paid to endorse products and media outlets receiving money to provide a venue
for advertisements are acceptable, then the same should be said of accepting tweeting money. All of these
are acceptable marketing practices.

So how does that relate to buying cheap Twitter followers’?

The connection is that paying money to acquire
Twitter followers is no different from media outlets shelling out money to build large followings. For example,
MTV is willing to spend a lot of money setting up parties for teenagers and the twenty-somethings to build
the TV network’s following, thereby making it more attractive to advertisers. That’s exactly the concept behind
buying cheap Twitter followers; by doing so, a Twitter user gains a marketing leverage that is no different
from a media outlet spending money to build its brand.
Thus, from the standpoint of acceptability, buying cheap Twitter followers is no different from the marketing
practices that celebrities and media outlets employ. They’re all acceptable — and effective — ways of of
gaining a marketing advantage.

The arguments over buying cheap twitter followers continue apace, with some being for the idea and some against.

The facts are that there are a number of advantages to buying cheap twitter followers even though they are known to be fakes. Even politicians and superstars have bought cheap twitter followers: it is calculated that of President Obama’s 30 million twitter followers around 70% are fake or inactive and the same applies to the 35 million followers of Lady Gaga.
Having a large twitter following does a number of things. If people see that you have a lot of followers, even if they are fake, they are more likely to become followers themselves. So having cheap followers will generate you real followers. Let’s be honest, if you claim to be an expert about something but only have 50 followers not many people are going to believe you. If you have 5,000 followers, suddenly you are an authority.
It is a lot easier to buy twitter followers than it is to earn them. In order to earn them you have to keep writing witty tweets all day long which can be time consuming and tedious. For the price of a Starbucks coffee you can put your hand in your pocket and buy a lot of followers. On there are people who will send you as many as 8,000 followers for $5.00.
Of course, having a big following makes you look important and for anyone in business it is important to look important! For example, let’s say you are a children’s entertainer; if you have 5,000 twitter followers you are far more likely to get bookings than if you have just 50. You might run a band: having a large twitter following will not only get you hired before the competition because you look important, but because of your following it will seem that you are likely to bring more fans to the venue for which you are being hired, thus making more money for the promoter.
As you might have guessed, buying robot followers is against twitter’s terms and conditions, but then again it is completely legal. If the President of the United States has fake twitter followers there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t either. Let’s be honest, for twenty bucks you can have over 30,000 followers and look like a superstar.
Of course, you don’t have to buy fake followers. You can spend more and use twitter-following software that searches and finds other twitter users with similar interests to yours and automatically follows them in the hope that they will in turn follow you.
However, buying cheap twitter followers is a legitimate practice and will help to put your business on the map. At the end of the day, it is all about the numbers. Most people are impressed by numbers, so it just makes sense to get as many as you can.